in and out of a day


The weather around here has been up and down and all around over the past few days. One second it’s gorgeous, the next there’s thunderstorms and hail. Earlier this week I had to turn the furnace on, and now I’m hoping we don’t cook alive.

Through all of this, we’ve been super busy, of course.

A few nights ago we walked over to the mailbox at 8PM. We should’ve known better. Brom, Cordelia, and Agatha received their latest crates, so of course they couldn’t go to bed, they had to open them, and do all the activities immediately. It was almost midnight by the time they went to sleep. I’m still not recovered! 😀

Brom and Cordelia received a camping crate. They decorated a little backpack to look like a bear, made felt hotdogs and s’mores, and a little pretend campfire made with a small flickering LED light and tissue paper. Everyone had fun with this activity!

The next day they pulled out their little toddler sized tent, and set up a campsite in the basement. They had so much fun pretending they were in a forest camping! SAM_4542.jpg

Agatha’s crate had everything to create a pendulum painter. She built the stand and suspended the container, she wanted to paint all night! But we made her stop after the first try. Luckily she was satisfied (and also extremely tired).

While gardening, I found a small egg shell in our backyard. We suspect it’s from the tree swallow nest we have in the garden. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

They were so excited because they can hardly wait to see the baby birds! They stare at the nest for hours each day, watching the mama and daddy bird fly in and out.

They have bird fever right now. Ella recently saw a video of some girls who hatched chickens out of the shell. Her and her friend decided to try the experiment for themselves. So they created their plan and set to work.

The girls plan to do their own write up on the egg experiment later, so I won’t get into it too much here. But I will say after 4 days all the eggs are developing!! We are so excited!

And then the most exciting thing happened yesterday! I received my next curios & conundrums parcel!

If you don’t know what that is, check out the Mysterious Package Company, so cool! More than anything I’d love to gift one of the experiences to someone, but for now I’m happy with this:

These parcels are so well done! I love reading the stories and doing the puzzles. I just wish I had more time to sit for hours as soon as it arrived! lol

Here’s a small sneak peak of some of the things in this issue:

It’s fun to see the little bits and bobs and how they relate to the stories in the paper.

*I have received nothing for these reviews, all items were purchased for our own enjoyment, and all opinions are our own. We LOVE both the tinker/kiwi/koala crates as well as the Mysterious Package Company items we purchase.

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