Old Dog, New Tricks.

The title on this one is a little misleading, I’m not old. Unless you consider 34 old, then I guess I’m old.

I’ve worn many faces over the years.

I’ve never wanted to grow up, but I did out of necessity to feed, clothe and house my family. So I grew up, but only by the bare minimum to get by. Tonight my pajamas are covered in TIE fighters and Death Star’s, I’m really excited to try something new in my favourite video game (World of Warcraft), and I may have poured myself a glass of strawberry milk as a night cap.

So when Ella asked if she could buy a skateboard so she could learn to skate with her friend, I mustered up my best “Dad frown” and told her we’d have to look into it. Inside I was fist pumping and jumping around like my two year after 4 freezies! I had always wanted to skateboard, but I grew up on an acreage with nothing but gravel roads for miles. Pretty much impossible to learn in those conditions. In highschool a couple friends got boards and started goofing around at lunch, the highschool at plenty of pavement and I had just got my drivers license. Sounds perfect! Until I completely destroyed my knee playing football. Ugh.


Now 17 years later I own a skateboard. I also managed to pick up a skate helmet under the guise of needing a new bike helmet so I can join the girls on bike rides.

Ella and Agatha spent the afternoon out practicing. Sarah even had a go, but I was inside helping a very tired grumpy boy “pew pew” bad guys on the X-box. Agatha came in with a huge grin proclaiming she could ride it standing up!  Ella had a blast sitting down and bobsledding down the driveway. Sarah managed to make it turn!

I am jealous.

Tomorrow, tomorrow the girls are off to try to grow chickens without eggshells,  Cordelia and Brom have planned an epic adventure involving bugs, snacks and a playground, and I shall attempt to ride a skateboard the first time. It’s going to be #unforgettable.

What “new tricks” did you learn as an “old dog” or what is on your bucket list to do before you just physically can’t anymore? I’d love to know!

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  1. not2old2sk8 says:

    The best thing you can do to start out is to just loosen up the trucks as much as you can handle, get out and ride (…and don’t be too proud to don some safety gear – you’re gonna fall, a lot, just part of the process). However, YouTube is full of trick tips. For basics, try Aaron Kyro’s “Braille Skateboarding volume 1”, he has both a website and yt channel.

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  2. not2old2sk8 says:

    Keep at it! As a grown-up with a wife, kids and responsibilities, it is more a matter of finding enough time more than anything. I restarted at 37,

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    1. Ryan says:

      Wow that’s cool! Any suggestions on learning the basics other than get out and ride?
      I did manage to steal the board from the girls for about 5 minutes today, I basically figured out how to keep it under me and not flying down the street!


  3. Rebeca Jones says:

    34 is definitely not old! My 50 year old husband sits in his comic room, wearing his Rocket raccoon pj pants, immersed in a Warrior Cats novel (our daughter is waaay into them and he’s just that kind of daddy). The point being, growing up fully is totally optional! 😉 As a 40-something old lady, I still dream of learning dance…who knows? Perhaps one day soon I’ll actually do something about it!


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      As soon as Brom lets us out of sight for more than 10 mi it’s at a time, Ryan and I are taking swing dance lessons together! Never too old!

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