Story Time

Part of our daily routine is the bedtime story, or stories in our case. Every evening we get our jammies, brush our teeth, and help our children into bed. We have a family bedroom, everyone sleeps in one room, three beds fit six people though I get the feeling soon we’ll need to add more beds.

Once everyone is laying down we say goodnight give kisses and snuggle in to read. We start with Brom’s story as he’s smallest and least likely to actually stay in bed if we don’t read to him first.roomonthebroom His stories are nice and short, usually board books, he has been requesting longer books lately and this marks the end of the baby book era. It’s sad and exciting at the same time.
His favourite for the longest time has been Room on the Broom a fantastic little rhyming story about a Witch and her Cat and a very tall hat. They witch constantly drops things as she flies on her broom and they make new friends as they find her belongings, eventually there is a dragon and an exciting stand off!
He also has been requesting Bear Feels Scared, one of the sequels to Bear Snores on. He also loves Where the Wild Things are, and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.

After reading his story, sometimes twice, he is either asleep or runs upstairs to Sarah where she’ll put him on her back in a baby carrier until he falls asleep and she brings him back to bed.

Now we get to the big kid stories! Recently we’ve had a major change to our big kid story time, Ella reads all on her own! Armed with a little flashlight, and at least one cat, she reads her own stories all night long. Again this is sad and exciting as I love watching her read and asking her what happened in her stories, but sad because it’s not something we share together anymore. Ella started a book club and this has allowed her to experience new stories, she’s liked some and for the first time she took a book and told me “Daddy, I’m not enjoying this story. I don’t think I’m going to finish it.” I could see she wasn’t sure how I would react but I told her about lots of books I wouldn’t finish and that made her feel a lot better.

We’ve read so many books over the years, some we’ve revisited many times others we didn’t finish. Some have had to be heavily edited, usually ones Sarah and I read when we were younger and the rose coloured glasses of time have set in. Here are some of our favourite young reader series:


Agatha, Girl of Mystery. The main character is a young smart girl and she’s named Agatha! Our little Agatha loves the rare times we can find her name in books.

The Magic Tree House books, Jack and Annie travel through time and around the world with the aid of Morgan Le Fay and her magic tree house.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, the story of Princess Cimorene who is bored of being a princess and sets off to live with dragons!

So now we’ve read one to five chapters of our story, Cordelia is asleep. Ella is buried under cats and Agatha is asking why I stopped reading! I give the big girls a kiss and if I’m working the next day I’ll turn off the light and go to sleep myself if not I’ll head up to spend some time with Sarah before we turn in.

Story time is one of my favourite times of the day, the smiles I get before they go to bed make me feel good and allows all of us to end the day together and happy.


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