Electronic Playground Review


A couple days ago, when the weather was nice and sunny, we took the kiddos to St. Albert to find their Electronic Playground. We discovered it’s at a school, so we were sure to arrive close to school dismissal so we didn’t cause problems. (We thought we arrived after school dismissal, but apparently school gets out later than we realized, next time we’ll look it up before we go.)

First impression: Wow! We love St. Albert! lol The playground itself looks like a standard smallish playground when you first approach. Besides the playground equipment, there’s a HUGE field, complete with an amazing tobogganing hill for in the winter, hopscotch, and 4 square court.

The electronic portion is pretty cool! In the photo above, where Ella’s running on what appears to be a flat tire, there’s a basic computer screen in the centre. It shows people how fast they’re running. You can also choose different games to play. Ryan chose to play ping-pong. The ball starts flying from he centre of the screen to the edge. You have to spin the tire to make the green lights shift and hit the ball away from the edge.

It’s a great work-out, lots of fun, but also slightly dangerous. Ryan’s sporting a huge bruise that he’s happily showing anyone who passes. Ryan may have almost injured 3/4 of his children with that thing too. I don’t do spinny rides. I tried. It wasn’t pretty. I may have almost injured myself and ruined the rest of my day.

The children, however, loved it!

The climbing structure behind the skinny thing also has a simple computer screen that allows players to set up different games to play. All over the structure are black ball type things with buttons and lights. In order to win the games the players need to hit the buttons. You can play a capture the flag type game; before time runs out each team has to hit the buttons to turn he lights to their colour. Or you can play a race against the clock. Change all the colours to either red, or blue.

This structure is made for strong and fast climbers!

Besides the fun electronic games you can play, it’s also a really cool climbing structure. The blue ramp off the right end wobbles side to side. Do NOT wear sandals while truing to climb that thing! Trust me on that! Hahahahaha The arched Monkey bars in the middle also shift side to side. With Ella and I on one side, and Ryan on the other, we created a pretty cool teeter-totter. It was a lot of fun!

Around this time school got out, children were everywhere! Their teacher brought popsicles out for them, and then brought some over and offered some to our children too. It was so sweet of them! Though we had to decline due to allergies, we really appreciated how generous they were with total strangers. 🙂


I love the look on Ella’s face at the bottom of the slide! You know it’s a good slide when that’s the face my whirling dervish makes at the bottom!

For smaller children, there was also another climbing structure with a huge slide and a million places to climb. Despite the small size of the over all playground, it’s really well designed to suite the needs of many different ages and stages. Brom could happily play on here for hours, but so could Ella. Though she may have thought a little outside the slide, she was excited to see what she could do.

For those who need a change of pace there were also 3 saucer swings, a bunch of skinny things, an extremely safe teeter-totter (that may have become infinitely more dangerous when we showed up), and an x-wave. The x-wave is the thing Ella’s on in the photo above. If you haven’t seen one, it’s kind of like a bunch of teeter-totters connected end to end with rubber. So if one end goes up, so do 2 other ends, and several more go down.

This one is a lot more cool than the one at our playground. Ours is just flat, this one has hills of various size all over it. Ella and I were trying to race across it while trying to bounce the other person off. She won. lol

Final verdict? We love this place and will definitely come back again! There are few playgrounds that actually challenge Ella and Agatha while simultaneously being small enough for Brom and Cordelia without being boring to any of them. This one did it all!

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  1. Fascinating…I’d never heard of such a thing.


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