The Great Playground Hunt

This summer the kids and I have made a challenge for ourselves: find awesome playgrounds!

We have a fairly nice playground withing walking distance from our house, soon to be two when they put the sand into the brand new one, however Agatha has declared that she can “do everything” at our playground. Ella has long since mastered all the climbing parts and now seems to be attempting to do everything while upside down. Cordelia “finished” the monkey bars last week and that’s a big deal when you’re five. couchUnfortunately, this has led to the children asking to go to the playground less and less, which in turn is leading to more couch time. We can’t have too much of that now can we?

Solution: the great playground hunt. Our goal is to try to go to as many different playgrounds as we can this summer. Distance will not be a factor and the playgrounds can be anywhere within a reasonable driving time.

So far we’ve found two new playgrounds and visited the largest playground in our town. The first one we stumbled upon while Ella and Cordelia were at piano. Agatha and Brom didn’t want to sit around so we walked around the piano teacher’s neighbourhood for a while and found a nice (if small) playground. Brom could climb and reach all the slides and it had swings, these it would seem are his two criteria for a good playground. Agatha shrieked with glee at “the bridge with no bottom” as she called it. They liked that one so much that I ended up driving all the children right back after lunch!

We have a newer playground near the swimming pool that is massive and actually had equipment designed for older children. Brom again will spend most of the time in the swings but the older children climb the giant rope  web to the top of a tower and down an incredibly long slide.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES It features a small area for little kids, a natural looking area with rocks to climb on and soon the big spray park should be open as well!
Last week we made the hour long trek out of town to meet up with some friends at a dinosaur themed playground in a brand new development. Apparently it is dinosaur themed because an actual dinosaur skeleton was found in that spot! Cool!


Getting there was an adventure in itself as we got completely lost trying to find the playground. With a little help from some maps and a pit stop at a restroom we made it just in time to put out a picnic lunch.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis playground was really nicely themed. The climbing tower had dinosaurs carved all over it, complete with a secret tunnel under the slide.

The big girls instantly fell in love with the zipline! We spent the next hour hauling them up to the top of the platform and letting them zip down with huge smiles on their faces.

Unfortunately, our playtime ended with a toddler standing in the middle of the playground with a panic stricken look screaming “Me, Me, POOPING!” Poor Brom wasn’t happy with the port-a-potty so we loaded everyone up to find a ‘real’ bathroom.

We had to promise to go back and I know we will because I didn’t get MY chance to fly down the zipline!




See the other playgrounds we visit: Electronic Playground

Aurora Community Playground

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