Saying “Yes”


I called this post “Saying Yes” but really it’s more important to look at why you are saying “No”. I say no a lot. Too much. I know this and over time I find I say it less and less and when I do I have to have a solid reason to back it up. By solid reason I mean that the following need not apply:

    • You’ll get dirty
    • I don’t have time
    • It could get ruined.

And so on and so forth. My inconvenience or the potential of something going wrong are not good reasons to say no.

It is okay to say no once a while, we have a rule that there is no electronics until teeth are brushed and instruments have been practiced. If it’s dangerous obviously say no, however if there is a way to make it safer take the initiative to change the “no” to “try it like this!”

As for saying yes, I find I like to take a breath and think through before I say yes or no. I think of why I want to say no, why they are asking, what benefits will saying yes have.  It’s amazing the clarity a deep breath and sip of coffee can give.

Usually after thinking about it for a minute I realize the no that I want to say is only for me and that by saying no I am stifling creativity, independence, and curiosity instead of fostering it. So I’ll take a second sip of coffee and say yes and head off on a new #unforgettable adventure with my children.

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