dog day

today we went to the dog park. we had so much fun! Chester made some new friends. he had fun chasing his ball and having the other dogs chase him. Chester laid down in a puddle and looked very proud of himself. Chester would chase somebody else’s ball with his ball in his mouth. sometimes Chester would have his ball in his mouth, but we’d pretend to throw one anyhow, he’d still chase it! silly goof!

i love Chester so much! i couldn’t imagine life with out him!

*Ella’s first blog post!! She’s so excited to join in!!


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  1. What kind of dog is Chester, Ella? We take our dog Daisy to the dog park and she loves to run and play but she never learned how to chase a ball LOL!


    1. He’s a rescue, so we don’t really know. My parents think he’s a lab/shepherd/wolfhound.

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