Rainy Day People

Spring arrived early this year. And drier than normal. Fires raged across our province. People cried. People worried. People danced for rain. Rain


The rain began a little over a week ago. People stopped dancing shortly after the rain flooded their gardens. During the brief time the sun was out today, we ran to the playground, played in the yard, rode bikes (okay kiddos rode bikes, I stayed in the house and decorated a cake), gardened, and had a lovely BBQ supper.

As I finished the supper dishes, I glanced out and noticed that despite the sun being on in the backyard, someone had turned off the front yard sun.

“Quick! Quick! Everyone ready for the walk NOW!!” I rushed to get everyone out the door. “We have about 3 minutes until the storm hits!” Chester needed his walk.

We ran outside as quick as we could. There were dogs everywhere! Yay (eye roll)! Luckily all our hard work’s been paying off and Chester only barked, no pulling!! YAY!!!

It took us 4 minutes to get to the pond.Dramatic Clouds Background

At that moment Ella realized what an Alberta storm means (sudden drop in temperature). She hadn’t brought a jacket. Ryan gave her his.

The goslings were out on the dark, choppy water. One or two people hurried passed while we ran around laughing in the gentle shower. It was such a gorgeous evening!

The rain drops fell harder and faster. Suddenly Cordelia realized she should have brought a jacket. I gave her mine. Agatha giggled. She had a toque, mittens, and a jacket. She wanted to stay and enjoy the storm.

Everyone else danced and ran toward our still sunny home while singing songs about rain and wind and sun.

By the time we got back everyone was giggling and out of breath. It was cold, and wet, and so much fun! It’s the simple things that bring a family closer together. It’s the moments when we cold be upset, but instead we laugh and have fun.

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