All in a day


As a follow up from yesterday post here is a somewhat typical post nightshift day in our house.

I got home from work around 6:30 am, by the time I walked the dog and got ready for bed I was climbing under the covers right around 7.

Noon. A little boy is poking me with multiple Disney Infinity toys, “Get up Daddy, we play!”
I struggle upstairs and head to make a coffee, instantly bombarded by little girls wishing a me a good morning! Having such a chorus of love chases the tired grumps away.

From there the day goes into a blur; Sarah is making a cake, Ella is making Tamogoyaki, I’m still trying to figure out food, water and coffee, the other three are setting up the Xbox for some Disney Infinity.

The plan was to go to my Brother and Sister-in-laws undeveloped acreage and plant a garden as they aren’t planning to build this year. The weather is not co-operating.
We sit with Brom and Agatha shooting paintballs at monsters, slingshot targets while in the Tron world, and build Ironman’s control room in their game.

Sarah grabs some seeds and plants and manages to sneak out of the house to go to the garden and attempt to get something in the ground before the impending storm.

While I jump in and out of video games with the kids I’m cleaning bathrooms, making chilli and attempting to find the shower.

Just as I throw a load of laundry in the washer, the last thing I have to do before I hit the glorious shower, the control panel blinks and fizzles. *Crap* Brom is with me and he tells me “I call guy to fix it Daddy, I talk to him” he has this all knowing look on his face. I tell him grab his screwdriver we’re going to fix it!

Grabbing the only three tools (90% of the time) I ever need, youtube, a philips screwdriver,  and a coffee. I look up how to take this thing apart. You can find anything on Youtube!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I unplug the washer, undo two screws in the back, pull the top off. I balk at the mess of wires and start randomly squishing all the wire harnesses back tight. Put the top back on and get my helper to hit the power button. No blinking! Huzzah, but no time to rest. Shower, shave, run back down and finish the chili just as Sarah comes in wet and tired from gardening.

We shut off the video games, much to little Brom’s dismay, but by the time I have supper on the table and we’re all sitting down he’s quite content.

Sarah surprises the kids with a piece of cake and I make them a cup of tea to drink while I run the dog out.

In one of the smoother transitions we’ve managed the kids are in pajamas and brushed teeth in record time and we head down to read stories.
Brom cuddles patiently through Room on a Broom, but as soon as we begin The Incorrigible Children of Ashton place he insists on taking Sarah out of the room so he can fall asleep on her back in the carrier.

Two chapters later I’m upstair starting to do dishes and clean up supper. Five minutes later we’re all back in bed cuddling Agatha and Cordelia who can’t sleep. We shut the lights off, I cuddle Agatha, Sarah reads a book for her book club by flash light.

Eventually, I get up and finish tidying the kitchen and now here I sit quarter to ten writing this post with a glass of Kombucha. I’ll finish the night off with a little video gaming of my own and head to bed ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

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