Garden Experiment

I have a Tower Garden (I get a commission from sales), I LOVE my Tower Garden. But my Tower Garden has a problem. A small problem, well, actually a very big problem (okay, I may have read George and The Dragon (link to chapters, not affiliated at all) one too many times here!)

I forgot to take a picture, but my tomato plants were touching my ceiling, my 14ft ceiling. They were a bit over grown because I ignored them for a few days (a week).

This is after trimming them: SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Excuse the horrid mess that is my tower. I let my lettuce go to seed, and just harvested everything else that was on it. It’s ready to be taken down, cleaned and re-planted. But my tomatoes are amazing and so tasty, and producing like mad!! A tiny part of me is worried if I do too much, I’ll hurt my tomatoes.

So I chopped off several feet from each plant.

Seems logical to me.

I normally trim my tomatoes regularly so they produce more fruit instead of more green. I just ignored mine for a while, and they grow SOOOO fast!

Since I needed to trim them anyhow, we each ate a handful of cherry tomatoes and got to work.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI wasn’t too picky, I just chopped everything taller than I wanted, as well as any limbs growing out of branch junctions. Anything with brown leaves had to go. The only thing I didn’t disturb were branches with fruit on them or ones that had blossoms and were short enough for my liking. I love tomatoes! You can chop them down and they just keep growing. :)


Which brings me to our experiment. We decided to see what happens if we took a few of these branches and put them in water. We also put a few directly in the garden.

First we trimmed the branches down and cut off the lower two leaf branches from each centre stem. I wanted to be sure both sets of leaf would be under water when I put them in a container.

I also trimmed off any blossoms. We want all the energy going to root production right now. Once everything was trimmed, we put most of them in water, and brought a few of sturdiest looking ones outside to the garden. Cordelia dug a few holes. Then put one stalk into each hole, she was sure to fill each hole carefully so each stalk was buried deep enough to cover the second cut branch. Then we watered, patted, recovered. And waited. They dropped right away, but we’ll see what happens.

The ones in the water in the house look Ah-mazing! (Who knew tomatoes made such nice bouquets? hahahahaha)


I didn’t plant seeds this year, and I’d love to save money on seedlings. The hope is that these cuttings will take root and I’ll have nice mature plants ready for the garden in a few days. If the plan works, then great! If it doesn’t, I’m not out anything at all, and it won’t be too late to pick up other plants from a  greenhouse.

What kind of garden experiments have you been up to? Or what kinds of experiments have you and your children been up to? I’d love to hear other ideas!


It’s been 9 days since we cut the tomato plants and put them in water and other in dirt.

The ones in dirt don’t look so hot. Only a couple are still standing at all lol They might survive, but it’ll take them  while to recover. We’re pulling them out and tossing them in the compost pile.

But the cuttings we put in water are doing Ah-mazing!!!


As you can see, the roots are growing quickly and we even have a few tomatoes already started! The two bigger ones are about the size of blueberries.

I’m starting to harden these plants off now and will transfer them to the garden in a couple days. 🙂

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  1. danielfrings says:

    How did the cuttings hold up ? 🙂


    1. I’ve now posted pics above 🙂 the cuttings in water are doing amazing!


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