Music Lessons

Music is an important part of our homeschooling curiculum, Ella and Cordelia play piano, Agatha plays violin and Brom yearns for the day he can play the drums!
Music is important to me, I started Jr. High concert band playing alto saxaphone then moving onto baritone saxaphone, in High School I went back to playing alto sax again but added 3 years of Jazz band to my resume. I’ve always enjoyed music, both listening and playing.

When they got old enough we enrolled Ella and Agatha into piano, at 7 and 5 respectively, Agatha wasn’t interested but Ella latched on and loved it so much. Then a combination of the piano teacher being pregnant and Sarah’s cancer we stopped lessons. This year Ella and Cordelia started piano and Agatha is in her second year of violin!

Lindsay Stirling

I watch a lot of youtube and with a lot of youtube you will likely run across Lindsay Stirling , I did and Agatha fell in love. Before too long we found her a violin teacher and got her a violin.

Over the past year our biggest struggle has been practice. Ella will play unasked and at a moments notice, the others… well it’s a struggle. I find it very obvious who’s feeling loved by the amount of effort it takes to initiate practice time. Cordelia has of late been fighting practice and has even been caught adding extra check marks to her practice sheet. Today we sat at the piano together as she sobbed and cried. I’ve taken to sitting with her to practice as she has stopped independant practice. So tonight we played little but talked lots about how she wants myself or Sarah to sit with her while she plays and to have a more set time to practice. I’ll admit I’ve gotten very lax about the girls practicing and I am very much to blame for the impeding melt downs.

Agatha Violin
What’s the name of the song again?

Tonight Agatha was very reluctant to practice, her teacher has given her a new shoulder mount to help her posture, but she finds it different and therefore uncomfortable. Combined with her impatience to try some new music for one of her favourite songs “Lost Boy” she doesn’t want to play Old Joe Clark any more, her teacher said that she had to play the first half of Old Joe Clark before they can work on Lost Boy. The last week this has led to very short, ineffective and very grumpy practice. However, knowing that our little Agatha is a performer at heart, we offered to record her practice session today. Lo and behold she practiced much longer, played the songs all the way through, and had way more fun than she has in a long time. It was beautiful and #unforgettable.

You can find her practicing here: AGreatBigBeautiful Presents: Violin Practice


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  1. Patrick Lee Hebert II says:

    I’ve seen it with some of my students before also… Always best to have a mix between the fun stuff and the less enjoyable (but necessary of course!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting! They’ve done nothing but the “necessary” stuff for a long time now, but Agatha has picked out Lost Boy by Ruth B. and Ella is playing something from Taylor Swift. Nice fun radio songs that they already know well.


  2. Good, beautiful and true says:

    I can so relate. I have set through quite a few “reluctant” practice sessions with my kids. The investment is so worth it though:)


    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, the investment is so worth it. The girls have their summer recital at the end of the month and I’m so excited to see them play.

      Liked by 1 person

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