#Unforgettable Happened


An unforgettable childhood means so much more than single moments, but sometimes  one of those moments happens and you know that day will live on as a happy memory for years and years to come.

This morning our kiddos wanted to head over to do some pond dipping. So we grabbed a few containers, invited the neighbour kids to join us, and went to the pond. Before we left, I let them know I expected them to wait for an adult before heading to the water. By the time I finally caught up to them, they were all ankle deep. I called them all back and asked them what I’d said right before leaving home. Faces fell, they remembered. I said I understood they were excited, but needed to know they could listen, follow directions, and be safe. We spent a couple moments talking while they decided on safety guidelines. Then I walked away and they scooped, poured, and checked out what they could find.

The kiddos all discovered so many neat things! They identified some of the shore plants, and found a few creatures living in the water that surprised me. I had no idea shrimp lived in Alberta waterways! Though these aren’t the type of shrimp you’d bring to a BBQ! Hehehe. These are Sideswimmers AKA scud. They were only 1-2 CM long.

We used this booklet from alberta parks to help identify what we found.

They also found little fishes, a few bugs, and a leech. Ewww They wanted to take the leech home with them. I said no. Bleh!


I also said no to bringing the weird fish with a growth on it’s head home. I know. I’m no fun at all!

While the big kids dipped and scoop, Ryan took Brom up and down the water edge and pulled garbage out of the pond. But we didn’t have garbage bags withSAM_3420.JPG us today, so he just made a pile. The girls were sure to tell him we need to go back to finish cleaning up. I love seeing their environmental stewardship develop in such a meaningful way. We usually take a day or two each month to clean up the garbage on the path closest to us, but we don’t often do more than clean up an item here and there when we’re at the ponds. But the girls noticed the mess, and felt very strongly that we needed to do something about it. So we did.

Before we left, I stopped to take a few pictures of some of the birds in our area. Right now we have Canada Geese, Grebes, Goldeneyes, Killdeers, Merganser, Cormorant, ducks, coots, Redwing Blackbirds and even a Great Blue Heron at the pond. I wish I could have gotten pictures of all of them today, but I’d need to spend more time in silence to do that. Our crew wasn’t into birding today lol.

On our way home we saw a Raven acting weird. I really should have gotten  video, but I didn’t think about it until after we walked away. It was making the neatest sounds, and clicking while just sitting on the eves of this house.

the rest of the day was spent playing with friends, visiting cousins, using a massive hammer to pound post holders into the ground, and generally having fun. By the time our kiddos went to bed, they were filthy, exhausted, and happy.

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