Positive Thinking


What do you do to have an awesome day? Do you consciously make sure you’re having a good day Or do you just let your day happen?

For too long I just let my days happen. I’d wake up, groggy, and irritated, every moment a struggle. I seldom felt happy. Anger my constant companion.

Then I figured out how to change that. So I did.

Gratitude and positive thinking. It’s as simple as that.

At night, and in the morning, as I was consciously being thankful for what I have. I made a point to think about the moments I was patient with my children. The moments I showed them love. The moments they wanted my attention and I gave it. Instead of thinking of the moments of anger, I focused on the good moments. I thought about the look on their faces. I thought about how I felt. I concentrated on making those moments bigger in my mind.

Before bed I could honestly say, “I am so thankful I am patient and loving to my children.”

I erased the doubt from my mind, and I was fully thankful.

This is positive thinking.


It isn’t an empty affirmation. This isn’t something I’m trying to convince myself, it’s something I believe. No, I might not be the most patient I could be. That isn’t the point. I don’t want to focus on when I ‘wasn’t good enough’. I focus on what I did right. I was able to be patient once. I thought about it, I made it bigger. I was thankful. And the next day I was able to be more patient. That is the power of thinking positive. When you focus on something, you get more of it. I chose to focus on being calm, patient, and loving with my children.

As I succeeded in one area, as I saw change, I felt more and more positive each day. The more positive I feel, the more I’m able to focus on in a day. It means really taking a look at your life and deciding who you want to be. It means you need to look at your life and decide where you want to be. It means making a solid goal, no matter how far fetched and working every day toward your goal. When faced with a decision ask yourself if it will get you closer to your goal, will it get you farther from your goal? Instead of working against yourself, chose the path that brings you closer to your goals.

Focus on what you want and make it happen!

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