Mother’s Day Science!

Mother’s Day was on Sunday, I ended up missing getting things done for Sarah as I was working nightshifts that weekend and had a rough time at work. So once you’ve recovered from a rough weekend and are looking for something to make up for missing Mother’s Day, what do you do? SCIENCE!

While Ella and Cordelia where out with Sarah for Piano lessons Agatha, Brom and I decided we’d make homemade bathbombs for Sarah. Sounds easy enough!

We found this recipe (conveniently in my Facebook messages from Sarah) for bathbombs.
Full link!

  • baking soda
  • epson salt
  • citric acid
  • bath coloring tablets (optional)
  • olive oil
  • essential oils (optional)
  • moulds – for baking, or plastic easter eggs
  • mixing bowl


We didn’t have bath colouring tablets or essential oils, so we substituted food colouring and peppermint extract. This may have led to the following:


Everything started off well enough, we mixed extra long to get the reaction to stop, or so we thought. We loaded up the containers from inside Kinder Surprise eggs.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Things were going well, we had about 4 filled when BOOM! The first one burst open spraying our concoction everywhere! The BANG, POP, BOOM the other three went off!

At this point we implemented a mandatory safety glasses zone!


Soon Sarah and the girls came home to find our messy science explosions and it then became a game of who could make the biggest boom and mess! Things eventually got completely out of hand necessitating a bucket and a lot of floor (and wall) cleaning.

We did manage to put some into a mould to see if they will work once they dry out.

We’ll keep you up to date whether the bath bombs fizzed or our project fizzled! I just hope Sarah doesn’t turn green from the food colouring!

‘Till then keep it messy, fun, and #unforgettable! SCIENCE!


Sarah tried the bath bombs tonight:

They did harden, after 4 days not the 4 hours in the instructions.
She did not turn green. Boo!
They did fizz, Yay! For about 2 seconds. Boo!

They did moisturize and soften her skin, so we’ll call that a win!

So overall it was a fun, messy, failure, but as the Robinson’s say “Keep moving forward!”

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  1. danielfrings says:

    Make sure to let us know what happens when they hit the bath!!


    1. I’ve yet to have time to try them out! But hopefully soon! We’ll post and keep everyone updated! ~Sarah


  2. Lesley Latimer says:



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