Being Mama


Picture a magnificent tree with far reaching branches. See the tall, strong trunk connecting the glorious canopy to the roots below the surface. Now picture those roots. Twisting, reaching, extending deeper and wider than the tree you see above the surface. As you follow those roots, you see other roots cross over your tree’s roots, intertwining, weaving over and through. Follow those roots and you see even more roots. Zoom out and you see those roots come from so many different trees. As far as you can see, a forest so thick you can’t see through it. All of those roots are intwined together below the surface.

It could be chaotic, but so many times you see the beauty of it. One tree might fall over, but the roots of another keep it upright long enough for it’s roots to take hold again. These roots carry stories with them, from one set of roots to another. The stories mix and mingle taking a little piece of each tree with them until all the stories are one story.

These trees are mothers. The roots mothers and grandmothers that’ve come before. On it’s own no one tree would survive, but as part of a whole, they thrive. Each helping the others, reaching out, sharing our stories, singing our songs of heartache, pain, and love. So much love.

Being a mother is about connection. It’s about opening your heart and soul. Some might say motherhood is about sacrifice. At the beginning of the journey to being mama that’s what it might feel like. But along the way something shifts. You no longer feel as though you’re missing out, instead you feel yourself growing and gaining. Growing wiser, growing stronger, gaining a gentleness you never knew existed, gaining more love with every passing second.

There’s a moment when you see exactly what the ‘small stuff’ is and you realize what you used to think of as small is actually pretty big. The times you connect your children to your roots. The times you open your heart so wide you think you’ll burst, and then you open yourself even more.

Being Mama is about being open to yourself and others. It’s about being open with your children, it’s about loving them unconditionally.

Imagine that!

You come home late at night with tired children. One child hits another, they’re both crying while a third insists on sleeping in your bed, with his new favourite thing in the whole wide world: a large rock covered in mud.

Unconditional love means you ignore the hit. It’s not important. Instead you say, “I love you. I’m here. You’re safe.” And carry them all to bed while you vow to wash your sheets first thing in the AM, and decide it’s best to wear your husbands old shirt to bed instead of your good jammies.

Being Mama means growing in leaps and bounds, just as your children do. Growing, changing, understanding the importance of the other mothers of the world and feeling the power of the mothers and grandmothers of your past. Being Mama is about reaching down, connecting with those roots, using the deep power from within them and sharing it with those around you.

Being Mama is one of the most important jobs in the entire world. It’s about knowledge, it’s about wisdom, it’s about power. Being Mama is not about mothering or even about children. The mothers of the world are the ones who build others up, no matter what. They’re the ones who guide others in a gentle respectful manner. They’re the ones who overlook mistakes. Mothers are the ones who know who they are and help others discover their own true self.

Today we celebrate the mothers of the world. Whether you’ve ever called a child your own or not, today we celebrate you. The ones who guide us and connect us to each other.

Happy Mother’s Day


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