Japanese Children’s Day


Yesterday I woke up and saw that some of my friends were going to The Devonian Botanical Gardens to celebrate Kodomo No Hi (Japanese Children’s Day) in their Japanese Garden. It wasn’t part of our plan, but we’d just picked up a pile of books about Japan from the library so we could begin learning about Japan, it’s history, and culture. Of course we changed our plans and drove all the way to the gardens!

The day started with the children decorating carp kites to hang in the yard. Then we took a leisurely stroll through the butterfly house and gardens, had a small picnic, then went to listen to some Japanese folk tales. Everyone had so much fun!

I think their favourite part was ringing the giant bell, then sticking their heads on the reverberating bell until it stopped ringing. lol

Before we went home, they girls also wanted to check out the hedge maze. So we did. I honestly think the girls would have spent the rest of the day exploring one garden after another, but Brom was totally done and had to go home.

The rest of the day was spent having fun at home. Ryan took the kiddos to the playground while I made supper, then they ran through the sprinkler and I picked up some fudgsicles. By the time everyone rolled into bed, they were exhausted and happy. Everyday we see their love cups getting more and more full, they feel so much more secure each day and that’s the most amazing thing in the world!


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