We All Went On Safari

We’ve been reading the “Agatha Girl Of Mystery” series to the girls recently. Of course when I saw them at the library, I had to pick them up! How could I not?!?! Often times we pick up books only to wish we hadn’t, but this time we stumbled upon an amazing gem. They’re short chapter books written for young readers. The writing is smooth but the biggest thing we notice (beyond the main character being a girl named Agatha!) is the characters are respectful to each other!

In the most recent book, “The Kenyan Expedition”, we learned that Safari means journey. It can mean any type of journey, but the all encompassing journey is the journey of life. The journey we take to bring ourselves to a place of better understanding and greater wisdom.

*pictures in this post are from our last trip when Ella and I went on Disney’s Wild Africa Trek 

Yes, all of life is a safari in that sense, but life is often broken into different phases when your life has different directions, or different ideals. Life is many different safaris rolled into one.

Our current journey involves so much introspection. Figuring out exactly what both Ryan and I need to feel loved and respected by each other so we can show love and respect to each other as well as our children and friends. Some days are easier than others.

Currently I’m re-reading “The 5 Love Languages for Children” I previously found this version easier to put into practice than the original version because this one makes it easier to guess what someone else’s love language might be.

I think each of us hurts so much after so many stressful events that we need more than one or two languages. I’m not even sure if Ryan and I can really even pinpoint our actual love language right now because it’s been so long since we had full love cups. Right now I’m focusing on giving each person in my family at least small doses of each love language each day. There’s no such thing as too much love. One thing is bound to help Ryan and my children feel loved, and the other things won’t hurt, and could possibly help.

At this point in life I need a clear direction. Something I’m aiming for. For a while I thought that type of goal needed to be about work, or life situation. But right now our direction is toward our family, not out to the world. It’s time for us to focus inside, to patch the dented walls of our children’s hearts and egos. To take the time to reassure each member of our family of their importance and our unconditional love. It’s time for us to sing, dance, laugh, and break down the walls we’ve built around ourselves. The time to protect our hearts from possible hurts has passed. Now it’s time to risk the hurt because we’re at a place where Ryan and I are better able to treat each other as we each deserve to be treated. It’s time to fling wide our arms and welcome each other so that our love can grow and spill over into our children.

We are going on Safari and I bring love.



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