Best Day Ever!


After so many rough days and weeks in a row, so many sad faces, and crying eyes, I wasn’t sure my babies would ever pull out of the doldrums. But tonight they went to bed with smiles on their faces and so much love in their hearts they almost floated to bed.

First, Ryan’s home for a few days, which makes a huge difference! Second, we canceled our co-op membership, which meant we have no need to worry about early mornings anymore, which means we don’t need to worry about set bedtimes anymore. Which pretty much took away 98% of our parenting stress.

Today was about our children. It was time spent with hem, they each had a little one on one time, they each and something they chose to do that was fun, and they each had something that allowed them to feel proud of themselves. Knowing that children’s love cups need to be filled in many different ways, we also took time to notice, and compliment our children on things we saw, “I noticed you stop to help that little boy, that was very kind”. We gave 600 hugs and kisses a piece, but also high fives, and gentle touches on the arm. Before bed, I also took he time to shampoo our girls’ hair for the first time in ages. I think they appreciated it. It gave them a chance to chat with me about so many things.

This morning I awoke to discover Ella making pancakes for us for breakfast, so I pulled out some blackberries and made blackberry syrup for over top. (YUM!) Right after breakfast, and coffee, we packed a picnic and drove the kiddos to a big playground they love, but one we don’t go to often.

We had so much fun! In the centre of the playground there’s a huge slide that you can only get to by climbing a rope web. The first time Cordelia tried, we got to the top and she couldn’t quite get onto the platform to reach the slide. She almost cried, partially in fright (okay, I was pretty terrified up there, while you climb, you’re surrounded by ropes, but in order to climb onto the crows nest platform, you need to climb above the safety of the ropes, I may have sighed in relief when she climbed down). But whatever my fears were, I wasn’t going to let her see them. Instead we climbed down just enough for her to feel secure, then we talked. We talked about how it was the first day in a whole year since we’d been there last, so even though she’d done it before. She needed to be gentle with herself because it sometimes takes time to relearn skills. I pointed out how she’d been nervous climbing, but she’d concentrated and trusted herself, took her time, and how high she’d already climbed. She then climbed the rest of the way down and ran off to play.

I had a similar talk with Agatha as she climbed back down for the second time. I told her how proud I was of her for listening to her tummy voice, and assured her as she gained more confidence she’d see what she needed to do to make it to the top.

Then Ella asked me to climb up with her. So I did.

When I got down the slide, Ryan pointed up, and sure enough. Both Agatha and Cordelia were standing proudly in the crows nest!

The girls and I then ran off to play together. We pretended to be characters in Azeroth (World of Warcraft). We ran all over the place, climbing, crawling, balancing, we even pretended to swim, and fly!

Just as we sat down to eat, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and the temp dropped 5 degrees. It was suddenly too cold for me, so home we went.

I cuddled both Cordelia and Brom for their naps. We do that less and less frequently, but today we had 2 adults home, and I felt they really needed extra attention. They both fell asleep easier than they normally do. Every so often Brom would wake up, pat my tummy, look up at me, smile a huge smile, sigh, and fall back to sleep. It was perfect.

But our day got better! After naps, Ryan took the kiddo to the back yard, played catch with them, and other games too. I made mozza stuffed burgers and some interesting keto friendly focaccia style grain free bread (I liked the bread, but the girls didn’t).

While I was cooking, I also helped the girls get their plots ready to plant some seeds in the garden. Tomorrow they get to plant them and plan the rest of their garden space. 🙂

After dinner we took the bikes out of the garage and climbed on. For the first time in roughly 8 years, I rode a bike (and pulled Brom in the chariot)! It’s a pretty big deal for me lol

Finally, before bed, we watched “My Neighbor Totoro” together on the couch.

I know that filling a home full of love, and loved ones, fills our own hearts as well, but it’s been so long since they felt such joy, I forgot how amazing it feels too. Today was an unforgettable day, a day when love flowed into our children and they went to bed content for the first time in ages.

I couldn’t ask for a better day than this!

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