Daddy Time!

With a renewed effort to spend time with the kids and fill up their love cups the kiddos have been asking me to play video games with them. They know it’s something I enjoy and by their reluctance to shut off the computers it’s something they enjoy as well!

With children ranging from ages 9 to 2 what kind of games can you play? Here is a list of our favourites!


An open world game where the sky is the limit! Harvest materials, survive monsters and find your way to the “End” to defeat the mighty Ender Dragon OR play in creative and fly around exploring or make anything you want.
The kiddos prefer creative mode and have made some awe inspiring houses.


Brom at two loves his minecraft, I still do the controls for him, but he dictates what we do. Usually hunt bats in a spooky cave or his personal favourite: collecting pigs!


Best of all you can completely remove all monsters by setting your game to Peaceful mode allowing you to build in complete freedom!


An oldie and therefore a little harder to find. Spore is all about evolution, beginning life as a tiny defenseless single celled organism and moving  up until you conquer the known galaxy!


Cordelia at age five is a Spore master, across two computers she has over 100 saved games, every one a unique creature! The controls are simple and graphics are beautiful. Again we love this game for the freedom in creature creation, you can create a standard dinosaur to a monsterous toilet!

Brom again loves his monsters and will usually start out trying to be peaceful, dancing with the other creatures he meets, that is until they don’t like his dancing at which point he calmly says “Daddy, eat them.”


World of Warcraft

I used to play this game cuddling my brand new Ella almost ten years ago. Today she insists that I help her run another dungeon! All four kids love this game, Ella and Agatha can play pretty much independantly, reading their own quests and exploring on their own. Cordelia and Brom need a little more help. The violence level is much higher than both Spore and Minecraft so you will have to use your judgment on what is okay for you. For us we find it fairly cartoonish and have no concerns.

Each child has multiple characters on their account, with Brom and Cordelia sharing mine. They love making characters, almost more than playing them. Agatha has a character she plays by herself, one she plays with her mommy, one she plays with her sister, one she plays with me… each character is a sign of her bond with her family!


I’ll give an honourable mention to this free game we discovered a couple years ago.
Play as a wolf living in a national park, hunting down rabbits, making friends, and finally starting your own family. The girls love running through the forests and chasing down the caribou, though their favourite part of the game is when you start a new family and have to run around “marking” your territory!


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  1. I just googled Wolf Quest (my son will Love that game) and it’s coming to the Kindle soon 😀 thanks for mentioning it!!


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