Spa Day


I’m not a morning person. I might roll out of bed at 7 each day (or 4 like today) and I might function to some extent, but I don’t enjoy it. Most days that’s not a problem, but two Thursdays a month it is. Twice a month we have food coop. Along with several other families, we order food from a distributor, and those 2 Thursdays a month we sort the food, and take our portion home. But that means we need to be up and out the door earlier than any other day of the month, and it means we’ll be out for almost 5 hours straight. Though the time commitment wasn’t always this big, and the out of home time commitment didn’t have to be so large either. But it was the best option for us.

Unfortunately the co-op, that we’ve been a part of for 7 years isn’t working for us anymore. This is our community, but it’s time to move on, at least for now.

Wednesday evenings almost always resulted in fighting about bedtime, every night of the week was coloured by the need to get to bed early those 2 nights a month. Despite all the positives (and there are many), the negatives became too much for our family.

Today, I announced that it was our last sort. I cried saying goodbye to these people who’ve been such amazing friends and support over the years. Though I’m sure we’ll still see each other in all the other mutual circles, it’s still emotional.

After co-op, Agatha also had her violin lesson. Then it was finally time to relax. The girls decided they wanted to have a spa day with mommy. So I whipped up a sugar scrub for everyone to use.

While I was busy pouring, mixing, and running after Brom, Agatha took the lemons and limes I’d tested, squeezed them, and started to make lemon-limeaid. She was too excited for her spa day to finish though 🙂


Rosemary & Citrus Sugar Scrub

zest of 2 lemons
zest of 2 limes
several sprigs of rosemary
5 drops grapefruit essential oil
1TBSP baking soda
1 C Sugar
1/2 C avocado oil

mix everything together in a sealable container. I usually use an old sour cream (or similar) tub. Glass was reserved for picture purposes only.


This was such a special time together! They loved having me devote 100% of my attention on them. And for a change they all respected that time and space and didn’t interrupt their sibling’s time with me. I really appreciated having a chance to reconnect after so many difficult days. By the time we crawled into bed for story time, they all felt loved and were ready to sleep.

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