i love lists

I love lists! Goals for the next 10 years? Written in a list. Trip plans? Written in about 20 lists. Things to remember. Gift ideas. Schedules. Wardrobe items we have and items we need. I have lists for everything and I love it!

When I’m trying to figure something out, I write lists, comment on my lists, write new lists, and sometimes do it again. Then I feel confident moving forward. Lists help ground me.

Is it any wonder I’ve made lists for our children? hahaha of course not!


  • Archery
  • WOW with Mommy and Daddy
  • build a trebuchet
  • use a trebuchet
  • make a stronger trebuchet
  • go to the library
  • spend more time with positive friends and less time with negative friends

Her list makes me wonder if we need to be afraid hehehe


  • WOW with mommy and daddy
  • build a robot, not coding, but building
  • figure out how to make the robot move and do what she wants
  • code after all
  • play dolls together
  • help Boo (her kitten) love her

Today she sobbed in my arms, “I’m so full of anger and sadness and pain and hurt! I want to be happy and nice, but I don’t know how!” It broke my heart.


  • Make things with clay
  • cuddle
  • read books together
  • go to the playground as a family

Luckily her ends are easy to meet. She should feel more loved soon. 


  • Build with Lego
  • read to him
  • let him help in the kitchen
  • let him help in the garden
  • let him help with knives and axes
  • let him do it himself
  • get him a sword
  • get him more toys

We might not let him do some of these things. It’s possible we’ll harm his psyche forever by not letting him throw axes. It’s a risk I’m willing to take (harming his psyche in this case, not throwing axes).


  • Gaming time at home and with friends
  • time to get household chores done
  • time to work on the home renos
  • time to exercise

We haven’t been alone in the same room to talk in ages. He needs to make his own list if he wants anything different than this. 


  • Time to work on my sculptures or other crafts
  • time to write
  • time to take pictures
  • I want family involvement on the blog and our various other social media sites
  • I want the family to work together toward a common goal instead of all heading in different directions where no one really feels loved
  • I want to feel special and loved

I’m not sure how I can change the last point without someone else stepping up and doing something about it. So if anyone has tips on feeling special and loved when you really feel alone, I’d love to hear them.

To Do this week

  • put away winter coats, hats, mittens, boots
  • wash & organize winter clothes, keep vs donate
  • figure out what summer clothes our children still fit
  • buy nail polish remover, remove nail polish from dresser I want to sell
  • take pictures of bedroom set and list it for sale
  • peel stickers off Ella’s walls
  • pack the rest of Ella’s things so we can begin tearing apart her room
  • take pictures of everything so we can share here and on instagram
  • make food
  • do the dishes
  • find floors
  • wash the floors
  • play with children, read to them
  • go to the playground
  • make more food
  • do more dishes
  • find the floors again
  • drink kombucha because we don’t have wine


One Comment Add yours

  1. Vicki Holmes says:

    I should ask L what her list is.


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