Slumber Party!

Tonight we have six little girls in a heap on our living room floor. We also have a pile of paint on our (carpeted) office floor and on our piano,  a pile of uneaten food on the table, in the kitchen, on the floor, and my workshop (AKA bedroom) door is locked because some children don’t understand “do not enter” and “off limits” and “Aghhhhhh” (that’s what I said shortly before turning on the movie, when I discovered one kid trying to cut chunks off my latest WIP statue). But I’m not her mommy, so I can’t tell her what to do. Her parents aren’t home (where on earth are they!?!?!) otherwise she’d have been home before I discovered she also took scissors to my fabric! Okay, deep breath!!

We’re currently faced with five children slightly scared of the movie they chose (The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe) and I’m annoyed with myself that I let them choose it when I suspected it’d be too much for most of them.

Okay, child one wants to leave now. I don’t want her to go, I like this one!! Oh wait, she’s staying. Yay!

Nope, leaving. Boo.

Oh, now we’re looking at pictures of our last Disney vacation. It’s almost midnight. Her mom will be asleep in moments. She picks up the phone. The voice on the other end sounds like it’s coming from a sleeping mother. Someone who clearly loves her child, but may murder her anyhow. Good thing they live 10 minutes away, plenty of time to fall back in love, and only love, by the time she picks up her child.

Ella’s crying.

She wanted to go to bed hours ago. She also wanted her friend to stay. I’m not sure what she’s more upset about. Neither is she.

Remaining children decided it’s time for a pillow fight. I step in and throw a book at Ryan for him to read before Ella draws blood.

Things didn’t go the way Agatha planned either. She can’t sleep now. But everyone else has stopped moving, so we tiptoe out of the room.

The sun wakes up, so does Brom. Ryan gets up and tells me to sleep in. I oblige.

I leap out of bed to the sound of Ryan shrieking at the top of his lungs to, “Stop it right now! That’s enough of this behaviour!”

WOW! That can’t be good at all! I enter the living room to discover the air mattress flat on the floor. Children throwing lego at each other, two of them fighting and one threatening another with going home to tell her mommy (that isn’t home anyhow). Ryan’s hauling one kid out of the pantry because she didn’t want pancakes for breakfast, and was sure we were hiding something better.

Ella’s upstairs in her room giving herself space before something bad happens.

Agatha’s crying because no one wants to play with her. Ella’s mad because they won’t leave her alone. Cordelia falls down the stairs, she can’t walk now. But she hates doctors and hospitals, so it better not be broken. I hear screams and thuds from the basement. The parents still aren’t home.

Ryan feeds them lunch. Our children eat. Their parents are home. It’s time to go.

We spend the next several hours dealing with our children crying. Of the 3 guests, only one is ever allowed in our home again.




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