Gears and Wires and Things

What’s the best way to bring unforgettable smiles, intense concentration, and tons of pride into your children’s lives?

Give them screwdrivers, alan wrenches, pliers, and a pile of electronics that don’t work anymore!


Sitting in a pile in the garage we had an old vacuum that no longer worked, a foot spa, a poor overheated, plugged up espresso machine, and a sewing machine that was expected to do a bit too much a few too many times. I planned to take them to the eco centre tomorrow, but then one of our girls asked if they could take them apart first. How could I say no?

We discovered the sewing machine from the 70’s was a lot easier to take apart than either the espresso machine or the vacuum, both of which had special screws holding them together. Good thing our dishwasher also has the same special star head screws (do those have a special name? hmmm) and we take that apart often enough that we have a full set of various sizes.

After a bit of work we managed to get into most of the items and have some fun poking around.

We compared what we found inside with what they already knew about circuits and gears. I think they thought it was cool to actually see a practical use for things they’ve done in fun up until now. But mostly I think they just had a lot of fun taking things apart on their own (without us telling them to stop!) lol

The espresso machine:


The sewing machine:


The vacuum and foot spa:

It was so much fun seeing the pure joy and the immense pride on the faces of our children. We also really enjoyed seeing the neat things inside. Sometimes the best things in the world involve just saying yes!

I wonder what we’ll say ‘Yes’ to next?

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