Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Flipping through old pictures today, I came across Brom’s 2nd birthday party. I thought I’d share because it was so much fun!

At the time his all time favourite thing in the whole wide world was Donald Duck. We watched roughly 2 hours worth of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a day, sometimes more! He absolutely loved that show, so it was easy to choose the theme for his birthday.

We already had two ‘celebrate’ flags from a previous trip to Disney World, they worked perfectly to help set the scene.

I used my forearm and hand to measure the size of circles to make in order to create the Mickey Head and Toodles, I free formed the details and letters. The rest of the decorations were created as part of the party.

Though I did put together a few bounds for each of us to wear (no one took a picture of me, I was bounding as Minnie in pink).


Aren’t the bows gorgeous? We had so much fun making them for the party! Even Brom had one, but it didn’t stay on for long. lol

Instead of a large cake, I decided cupcakes would be perfect! I made boiled frosting so the frosting would go on (relatively) smooth and fluffy, perfectly white, and be able to have a little swoop on the end like a tail. Then I made little Donald hats out of fondant to top each cupcake. I left a few cupcakes without toppers because the fondant contained corn and Brom, Cordelia, and another guest are all corn-free. The cupcake stand was a sale purchase from our local Michael’s. Perfection!



I also purchased Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cups super cheap and filled those with the favours. Each guest went home with the cup, a rubber duckie, some Donald or Mickey themed crayons, and some gluten and corn-free candy.

For the party itself, we pretended to be going to a party at the clubhouse, but there were a few obstacles in our way!


First we ran into a wall blocking our path (toilet paper pyramid), we called Toodles and selected the ball mousketool. We bowled over the wall, and continued on our way. Then we arrived at the clubhouse, only to discover it wasn’t decorated! When Toodles answered our call, we selected the paint and paper. All the children helped make the decorations to hang. Finally it was time for the party, but we weren’t ready! After all that hard work, our bows were flat! So we called Toodles and selected the blanket mousketool. We used it like a parachute and fluffed up the bows. Finally we could relax and enjoy the party!

It was so much fun! The only thing Brom liked more than that, was meeting Donald in person a month later!


I wasn’t sure he’d ever let go!

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