Springtime in Alberta


One of my favourite things in the world is looking at my garden, seeing the buds open, and watching the transformation spring brings. I just wish the transformation was more linear with less snow! lol

I can hardly wait until spring is fully here; I’ll get to see what my yard has to offer! We live in a new subdivision and when we moved here we had nothing but dirt around us. The first year we hired a landscape contractor to lay a flagstone patio and build a raised bed in the back, build a raised stone patio off our house, finish the grading, transplant some fruit trees, and lay sod.


Last year, I needed to take time for myself to heal. So I decided to take the rather plain yard pictured above, and give it a major overhaul!


This year I get to see what survived the winter! Some of the plants I got on sale because they were end of season left-overs, others because I bought them early in the season. Either way, most of what I bought didn’t look spectacular when I bought them. But when tackling such a huge project, you choose where you’re willing to cut costs. For me, stone was so important, so I’m banking on plants being hardy and appreciating a good place to stretch out their roots.

What areas are you willing to cut costs in your garden? What’s that one special thing that you had to have and were willing to spend the money to get it? I just love hearing about other peoples gardens!

So far my peonies, flax, lupins, hollyhocks, and rhubarb stretching above the mulch. My roses all survived the winter, including the tender roses! They’re all budding now, the promise of such beauty to come excites me so much!

My plum and cherry trees are heavy with buds this year! I can hardly wait to see them open, my yard is going to be gorgeous if the pre-show is any indication of what to expect! I really hope we get fruit this year!

Last year only our currant really gave us any fruit, but oh boy did it give us buckets full! The entire bush was red with berries! Agatha loved it so much, she insisted on getting a second one. lol It’s a good thing we love currants!

I’d love to hear what brings you joy in your yard! Is there a special plant, or maybe it’s sitting by the fire pit, lounging in the hammock, what’s the best part of your yard?

I’m so ready to be in my yard, letting my children forage for food, enjoying the sunshine and bird song.

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