Abundance Surrounds Me


I find it so difficult to step back during the day and really be mindful of my life and my family. That’s why we, as a family, are working on this blog. Right now we’re still beginning this journey. We can see things worth capturing on film. We can see things worth sharing, but we still forget to truly experience the abundance of our lives.

It’s a really neat place to be. During the day I still find myself frustrated about things beyond my control. Our children still find themselves missing connections. We still don’t see the joy of the messy kitchen, or the opportunity of snow on a spring day. But at the end of the day, I go back and look at the pictures we took, watch the videos we’ve captured, and I can see how full our day was.

Cordelia and Brom both love going to the store and spending their money on Kinder Surprise eggs. The chocolate is good, but really, they just want the toys. 😉 Unfortunately hey open the toys, and moments later they want more because they’re both in the ‘I want to receive’ stage, but haven’t moved onto the ‘I enjoy what I have’ stage. Hmm sounds familiar!!!

Moments after returning from the store this morning, Brom wanted to go right back and buy more toys. He was near tears because he wanted more so badly!

But it just so happens I had roughly 50 Kinder Surprise toys in the basement from when I  was younger and used to collect them.

The large pile of toys kept Brom, and his sisters, happy and occupied most of the day. The joy on their faces really lifted my spirit, but I didn’t stop and pay attention. Their joy wasn’t savoured, I wasn’t focused, and I didn’t really notice my lifted spirit until much later.

Now I want to really look at all the abundance in my life!

A few days ago a local upcycler offered up a set of nice china. It isn’t a complete set, some pieces are chipped, but it’s pretty and so much nicer than the dishes we had in our cupboard. Today I spent time washing these dishes, and putting them away. But that meant we no longer needed, nor had room for, our old dishes. I posted those to the upcycle  site and moments later someone said they wanted them. By the end of the day our cabinets were less crowded, and setting the table lifted my spirits. When I made snack for our kiddos, I used our new china:


Our children really love apples with peanut butter, but I really hate preparing them (it’s just so messy and time consuming to spread peanut butter on each slice)! Today our new to us dishes brought Disney’s Beach Club and how much our kiddos loved dipping their apples in peanut butter to mind. Problem solved!

While I prepared apples with peanut butter Ryan made two turkey lasagnas to put in the freezer for another day, plus we had enough meat left-over to set aside to make pot pies, and to make supper as well. It was a huge turkey that provided us with 7 full meals! Wow! And yes, Ryan really did make all of that in an afternoon! I love that man!

As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying a caprese salad from my tower garden! Well, the lettuce, tomatoes, and basil are from my garden, the mozza and olive oil came from a store 😉


Today I enjoyed so much wonderful food, had so many laughs with my family, was given a chance to work-out, spend time playing games with my children, and chatting with the love of my life! Life really is amazing when I stop to see how wonderful it is!

I will work on being in the moment so I can see the abundance during the day rather than only looking back after everyone else is in bed.

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  1. MakeItUltra™ says:

    love the post !


    1. Thank you very much for the kind comment!

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