Ice Lollys and Milk Bubbles

Yesterday I didn’t have a lot of time for unforgettable. I woke up around 1pm after working a full nightshift, had to get supper ready and go to work again for 5 pm, but we did it!

Agatha was playing Lego Lord of the Rings with her little brother, who shortly abandoned her as little brothers tend to do. I was making supper, nothing fancy: macaroni with a cream cheese sauce. Agatha asked me to join in with her game. I could have said no I’m busy as I usually do, today I chose to set the timer on the stove for 15 minutes (coincidentally that would be when the noodles were cooked).

We sat together, beat a boss, found a cave we had never been in and *boom* unforgettable happened in the form of an Ice Lolly of all things.

Ice Lolly

We found this glowing popsicle and proceeded to chase each other around the cave bopping our poor lego elves and hobbits repeatedly. And laughing till our side hurt. When the timer beeped, I even drained the noodles set a new time and began bopping her all over again. Right now Agatha more than our other children needs this connection daily, she feels down and left out a lot of the time, so to be the one to sit and giggle in a very much one on one setting was very satifying. Her love cup was full! Victory Mr. Frodo!

After supper much to Sarah’s chagrin I instigated a much need bubble blowing contest. With our milk. Parenting win #2 for the day! I left to work exhausted before my shift even began but full to bursting with the happiness and unforgettable we created. VIDEO!

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