Happiness of a Full Day


Somedays get going as soon as you wake up. One thing, then another, and next thing you know, it’s dinner time, counters are covered in dishes, dishwasher is clean, and there’s no food anywhere to be found. You look around, and can’t help but smile at how wonderful the day was. So you turn on the first show of the day while you tidy the dishes and think about how full your life is!

Today was an amazing day! Oh, there were tears and near death experiences (neighbour child was almost hit by a car driving too fast in our cul-de-sac despite the giant, plastic, green man with a slow sign and a big tall flag, but I digress), but over all everything was really good.

First Cordelia tumbled, or got hit, or somehow maimed herself enough to need a bandaid (If I squinted, and squeezed her knee, it might have been possible to see blood), so she lay on the floor and let me know how owie she felt. Honey, her 7 month old kitten, came to help her feel better. These two are inseparable! It’s such an amazing bond they share!


Though I may be a bit jealous; Honey was supposed to be my kitten! :p

We then went for a walk and ended up at Walmart to buy a gift for Ella’s friend’s birthday. Agatha decided she wanted to learn to tell time, so she found a watch she could afford, and bought it. She then proceeded to keep me updated on the time roughly every 5 minutes for the next 6 hours. :p

Cordelia wanted to spend her money to buy kinder surprise eggs for her brother and sisters. Before Easter a basket with 4 eggs cost $4.75, today the same basket cost 2.99. As I told Cordelia the difference in price compared to the other day, Agatha pipes up, “Today you can buy 8 eggs for the price of 6!”

Cordelia bought 2 baskets of eggs, and I spent the next 15 minutes doing the math in my head.

Then home again, just in time for Cordelia and Brom to time travel (that’s the part of the day where they lay down in their special time travel devices, close their eyes and travel a couple hours into the future).

While they slept, Ella and Agatha played WOW and I read my book club book (that really should have been finished earlier, but I didn’t decide I liked it until roughly page 200).


It turns out Cordelia and Brom time traveled into a beautiful sunny  afternoon. So we pulled scooters and bikes out and met the neighbour kids and parents to play some street soccer, draw on the driveway, and generally enjoy the end of winter.



Brom decided his potty wanted to come outside too. 😉


Eventually everyone needed to go in to make supper. (Or clean their kitchen enough for Ryan to make supper!) lol

Our book club met at one of the nice restaurants in town, where we laughed and had fun discussing the month’s book. I won’t bother with a full review, I’ll just say it was very well written with amazingly well written characters, but I didn’t actually finish it, and I never will.


When you write out  a day, it doesn’t look like a lot, but when you think about it, a single task with a child can fill a whole day worth of love. A single moment means the world to a child, your child. Today I had many moments where I saw pride, joy, love on my babies’ faces.

Today my child that often gives up on difficult tasks practiced riding her bike on her own for close to 20 minutes. She got up, and lost her balance, moved forward half a meter, and put her feet down. Bumped the backs of her legs with pedals, and generally put a lot of effort into her plan.

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