End of Year Home Visit


In our province, homeschoolers have a lot of freedom, but at the start and end of each year, a homeschool facilitator comes to our home and discusses our plans and how our year went.

In other words, today we got to totally brag on our kiddos!

It felt GREAT!!

How many times have you wanted to just gush and gush about your children only to have the other person either cut you off, stop listening, or worse?

Today we laid out their projects from the previous year and showed off all they’ve done and talked about how far they’ve come and all their plan for next year. It’s really wonderful to have a moment to really focus on our children and see all they can do!

The glow of pride on each of their faces was truly amazing to see! I’d give anything to see that every single day!

Today, unforgettable happened HERE, and I’m going to do my very best to make sure it happens again and again!

On a related note, today Agatha taught herself to ride a bike!! How awesome is that?!?! A few days ago she lamented, without ever touching a bike, how she’d never learn to ride. Yesterday she asked to try the bike. She didn’t do bad, but also was not riding. This morning she woke up, went out first thing in the morning, before I was even awake, and got on the bike. By this afternoon she could ride as though she’d been doing it for years!

I’m afraid I was too busy in the moment with her to actually have a camera with me. It was too amazing to miss!

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  1. You have to have someone check on you and you passed, even while unschooling? That’s crazy awesome. How did you do it? There are no details. I am blessed. Where I live, nobody checks on us.


    1. Yes, where we live we get funding for homeschooling, and we have to have 2 home visits a year. But we can choose which school board we register with and some are more inline with unschooling than others. Our board has many unschoolers, and all facilitators are previous or current homeschoolers.

      As for how. We take pictures of projects, and keep a mini journal of things we’ve worked on, have a list of library books read etc. and we just who what we’ve worked on. We spend a lot of time talking and then they ask us to ‘grade’ our children on their progress. Though grade is a very loose term because it’s not strictly necessary.
      We don’t need to prove our children can follow a curriculum. It’s just based on what level we interpret their ability.Though if the facilitator didn’t see evidence of learning or opportunity for learning, then they’d make suggestions or not that they felt a lower grade would be appropriate.

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  2. This is the joy of blogging. Bragging daily to anyone who will listen! You’ll never guess what they did today? How great is that?? My kids are awesome! Yes we are 2 of a kind!

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    1. It is a big part of why I’ve been writing here. I think my kiddos are pretty awesome and love to share the things we’re doing together. 🙂

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