Channeling my Inner Rapunzel


Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, exhausted, happy to go back to sleep. Only to have your two year old say, “Two O’cwock Mommy!” while pulling the blankets off the bed. That’s his way of saying, “The sun’s awake, so I’m awake!”

Luckily it wasn’t really 2 o’clock, closer to 7. But I really wanted more sleep than that! Oh well. I fixed breakfast, and wanted to sit down. I decided that wasn’t a good idea if I really wanted to make good on seizing each day the way Phineas does. So I went upstairs and found the only clothes I own that could in any way bring Rapunzel to mind.


I know! It’s a stretch! Just work with me here! To bring Rapunzel’s spunk and energy into my day, I quickly made a couple charms to add to my outfit.


A frying pan and a paintbrush 🙂

By then it’s like 7:15 and so I read a book, or maybe two or three to Brom. And finally our little guy was ready to let me get on with my day.

Today, my big chore was removing stickers from the bedroom set we plan to sell. I moved all Ella’s clothes from her room into our closet, and emptied 3 boxes worth of stuff from her room into either the garbage, donation, or storage boxes for the time being.

I also pulled our patio furniture cushions our of the garage and put them on our patio furniture. The girls loved just sitting in the sun today!

Then it was time to take our pup for his walk. He’s a big guy (roughly 110lbs), and he pulls. A lot. We’re working on teaching him not to. It’s difficult though. He does not react well to any of the ‘alpha’ dog training methods. We’ve now hired several trainers and went from an obnoxious dog that likes to pull to one that’s aggressive on leash, and now beginning to be aggressive off leash as well. We did have great success when we saw an animal behaviourist. But long story short, he took our money and never game back after the second visit (we paid for 6).


But today was a great day! It’s been about a week since we decided we were throwing out all the advice we’ve been given and instead planning to just do things our way. He’s pulling a lot less than he used to (yay!!!) but today we almost ran head on into another dog!  (YIKES!)

Luckily I noticed first and pulled him away with me. What I’ve been trying to do is bring him to something stronger than me (like a cemented down fence post) tie him to that, and then just focus on talking to him and giving treats to keep his attention on me. We’ve done really well with this method the few times we’ve tested it. But today, maybe because I was flustered, for some reason I didn’t actually tie him up. I thought I did. I wasn’t holding the leash anymore, I was just focusing on him. It started great. He saw the other dog, but was staying with me, until he wasn’t.

He ran over to the other dogs (dogs he knows) with me close behind. And he stopped and sat as soon as I grabbed his leash and gave the command! This was HUGE!! Yes, he ran to begin with, yes he growled and barked, yes it is still a problem, but it’s better than it was!!


The rest of the day was easier, until it was time to make dinner. It took every ounce of my strength to channel my inner Rapunzel enough to actually make dinner vs feeding our family dry beans for supper.

Making supper may not sound like a huge accomplishment to some people, but today I felt so proud because I could have chosen to order pizza or go out to eat, but instead I choose to make supper and be the one in control of how our day ended up. I even did the dishes afterwards (supper dishes often get left until morning), and I have breakfast made for tomorrow as well!

These are the ways unforgettable is able to happen in the day to day life of a family with plenty of debt and lots of chaos. One small choice at a time!

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