Time to Build the New


Every day and every family has it’s ups and downs. Right now we’re really working at paying attention to the ebb and flows of our lives so we can make a conscious effort to change how we react to each other and  make a conscious decision to look for and find magic, not just wait for it to happen.

I have to admit most of the time I just let my health go with the flow, and I don’t actually make a huge effort to consciously choose health. But I’m shifting my focus and making changes! This week I’ve taken more steps, increased my heart rate more often, and made sure I had at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies a day. It’s a start. One small change at a time, while completely taking control of my life and changing so many things all at once hahaha

But even with all that change, we can do it in small enough steps that nothing seems overwhelming.


While bounding as Phineas yesterday, I got a new haircut. I know I’m ‘supposed’ to be growing my hair out. Like Samson, the length of my hair signifies the state of my strength and health to so many people right now. But to me it just highlighted that I wasn’t in control of my life!

Phineas and Ferb (and all their friends) greet each day with enthusiasm, they might not have a plan when they wake up, but it doesn’t take long for them to make one!

Phineas says, “I know what we’re gonna do today, Ferb!” Then they do it.

They don’t wait until tomorrow. They don’t wait until someone else starts. They just do it!

I might not be able to build a rollercoaster, or a backyard beach in a day, I might not even be able to get control of our home and life in a day, but I will start!

Over the past week I’ve sent various items out of our home, including an entertainment unit that hasn’t had a t.v. on it in 3 years. It’s amazing how full your life feels when unnecessary items leave your home!

We’ve also donated 5 boxes of stuff to Value Village, thrown out several bags worth of junk, and up-cycled a ton to other people as well. Over the next two weeks we’ll unload a pile more stuff. Our storage room was overflowing when I started, by the end of my purge, I plan to have just a handful of items in storage and that’s it!

We’re also beginning the process of turning our cluttered stressful house, into a dream home. Starting with Ella’s room.


Our previous home was 997 sq ft. It was small, but in so many ways it was so much better than our current home. At least with the age of children we have. We bought these bedroom sets (we have 2 identical ones) in our previous home where there were 3 regular bedrooms, and one HUGE room that was easily able to fit 2 of these bedroom sets and still have room for a doll house and a mini trampoline among other toys.

Our current home doesn’t have room for them.

So out with the old, time to build the new!

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