Thursday, let’s roll the dice!


I enjoy table top games. I started with Games Workshop as most people do, but when Warhammer began to die out in my area I wanted to find a new game to play. This was about three years ago, at the time I followed a certain Mr. Malorian on youtube, turns out he also played in my area! Just happened Malorian, was starting a new league for a game called Warmachine and Hordes at a game shop across town. I showed up, got my butt kicked across the table and had the best time ever. By the third week I managed to get paired up with Mr. Malorian himself and put up a valiant fight.


Fast forward a couple months and Malorian, now Brian and I are good friends. Turns out we live minutes from each other and our kids are the same age. I’m playing Warmachine almost twice a week and getting really good. Come spring of 2014 I managed to win a tournament, my gaming hobby was awesome!


Then Sarah got cancer. I stopped playing while she was undergoing chemotherapy, I had to put my family first. Sarah beat cancer early 2015, just in time to start a shut down at work. That means working just about every day for 4 months non-stop.
It’s been almost a year without hanging out with my friends, playing warmachine and just taking me time. Then comes Thursday, Btian is having a gaming night and I’m not working, the family is in a happier place than they had been for a while, I’m going to go out.
Come  6pm I’m getting ready to leave, Sarah has a headache and the kids are loud. I offer to stay home and she tells me she’s fine. It’s now 7:45 and I should be in the van and Sarah and I are in a fight. (Yes, we fight, loudly, infront of our children. That can be a different post)
I don’t want to go out. I’m tired. I’m mad. What do I do?

I go. Not in anger, but in healing. I go out, roll some dice, I meet someone I didn’t know before and I lose. I had a blast. I saw my friends, I played my game and I had a good time.
I came home refreshed and ready to spend the evening with my wife.

Sometimes when things are hard and the last thing you want to do is go out, go roll some dice!

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