Kiwi, Koala, and Tinker Crates


Everyday for month our children ask us if their crates have arrived yet. Everyday, they ask if mails come yet. Almost everyday, they’re disappointed. But today they were ecstatic, their crates arrived!


In seconds they had all of the crates open and the contents quickly spreading across the table. I think they were excited ūüėČ

They each have a different crate, and they each love them so much! I honestly think this was the best homeschool purchase we made this year, they are pricy, but well worth the cost. The supplies in each crate are high quality and the instructions are well written so the children can all work on their crates with relative independence (which they LOVE)!!!

Cordelia’s crate is an imaginative playground crate. She got to colour a puzzle, that she then took apart and put back together roughly a dozen times. She also got to build a simple teeter-totter/balance scale and use the stackable crayons and beads to balance and counter balance. She also received chalk, and she has so MANY ideas for things she can do with it.


Agatha’s crate was filled with wonder, mystery, and MAGIC! Her shouts of joy were heard all through the neighbourhood when she opened her crate. She built a magic box, and began performing magic within a few minutes. The tricks were wonderful and amazing even after watching them 300 times. Each.

There are few things she works so hard to perfect, so it really was exciting to see her try and try over and over again until her technique improved enough that she actually made it look magical.


But Ella’s crate. Ella’s crate is the one Ryan and I get excited about every month. They’re just that little bit more advanced, slightly more complicated, and ever so much cooler (IMO).

Today Ella began building her very own homemade combination vault. First she had to create her own secret code, then she began building her super secret combination vault one tumbler at a time. It’ll take her a couple days to finish it, mostly because the glue needs to dry, but also because it’s just that little bit more involved.


Over the course of the month¬†we’ll pull out the crates again and again, read the bonus materials, and check out the suggested further readings and have fun exploring the ideas and concepts just a little more.

I love receiving items like this that provide so much in such a small package!¬†Is there anything you’ve tried that’s brought just as much excitement and lasting enthusiasm?

*We’ve received nothing for posting our experience. These opinions are all our own. Though if you are interested in checking out the crates, you can do so here. This is a¬†coupon¬†link in which¬†you would receive $10 off your order,¬†and so would I.¬†

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