First buds of Spring

There’s something utterly magical about emerging from winter into spring. Brushing the dust off and stepping into he garden for the first time in months.

I didn’t step out for long, and as soon as today’s snow stops falling, I’m hoping to be out there again, but what I found in my spring garden  leaves me so excited about my garden and how relaxing it’ll be this summer!


My Hollyhocks are very eager and are already several centimetres tall, the peonies are just poking through he mulch, but the most shocking of all is the picture in the top right corner. It’s a tender rose! I removed the hutch for an afternoon (re-cover it each evening still) and as some of the wood chips blew away I saw it was growing, and had new buds!

I’ll admit we had a mild winter, only 1 week of -35C, but I still wasn’t sure these roses would survive, but both of them did, even the long stem variety! I’m so excited and can hardly wait!


Isn’t she gorgeous?!?! This is one of the most fragrant roses ever! But I have no idea what it is. It was mislabeled at the greenhouse as a yellow hardy (Thompson) rose, it certainly isn’t either of those!

I can hardly wait for my first bouquet of the season! I can also hardly wait to add a few more flowers to my yard! 😉

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