Allow myself to introduce… myself

Hey there! I’m Ryan, husband to Sarah, father to Ella, Agatha, Cordelia, and Brom.
I’m going to be throwing my hat into the blog once in a while. My posts will mostly be focused on the renovations around our house and some of the more technical things we do like playing games and editing videos.
I work shift work, days and nights, twelve hour shifts. This means when I’m working I don’t have much more time than supper and reading stories for bedtime, however I usually get four to five full days off between sets giving me lots of family time!
ella bunker gear

I tend to bond with the children through bedtime stories, cooking together, music, youtube videos and video games. Some of our favorite youtube channels include the Yogscast and Captain Sparklez! The other morning while making breakfast we all sang along to one of our favourite songs: Diggy Diggy Hole

download (1)

I like to play video games, currently I play a lot of Blizzard games: World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Luckily they are all family friendly allowing Ella and Agatha to join me! We plan to start making videos of the games we play and posting them on the GreatBigBeautiful youtube channel.

I also play a table top game called Warmachine and Hordes. I paint up the models myself and play with a group of friends a couple of times a month. Since Sarah’s cancer I’ve fallen out of the hobby and now I’m trying to get back in. I’ll probably post some of my experiences regarding getting out of the house and socializing when you have 4 kids!
Maybe I’ll even win another one of these:

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