Finding Magic on Lazy Days


Some days it’s almost impossible to get the energy to actually do anything. All I wanna do is sit, maybe drink coffee, possibly sleep. But I really don’t want to play, or prepare food, and there’s no way I want to do anything extra like entertain children!

Today was one of those days, at least it turned into one. Everything started out well, a lady stopped by to buy an unused balance bike off us first thing this AM, I was dressed and presentable in record time so Ella and I ran to the library and picked out a few books, stopped at the gas station, and the grocery store. Then home. Once I got home though, things were different. I had a cup, my first cup, of coffee, then sat down.

We have the comfiest brown chair ever, the only problem is it’s an energy leech! As soon as you sit down, you just can’t move again!

There I was, sitting and sipping, and not moving.

Brom wanted shows, so I turned one on. It was the wrong show. Half a dozen tries later and he’s mad because he wants a rescue show he hasn’t seen before. “Different show Mommy!” Ad nauseam. But how do you explain o a toddler that he’s watched every show netflix has that’s even remotely close to what he wants?

He isn’t easily distracted, so without a ton of effort on my part there was no way he’d be happy.

I had another coffee.

The girls sat at the table creating with polymer clay. Brom continued to get mad about the lack of rescue shows that didn’t involve fighting or bad guys.

I needed to find magic in our day. Everything was quickly slipping away.

I don’t have plan. My goal is very abstract: Find magic in each day. Find something that brings our family closer together. Everyday bring joy to our home and remember the magic of Disney so we can share it with each other at home.

Some days that seems more daunting than ever! We don’t have Mickey Mouse or Princesses. We don’t have amazing chefs to cook for us, and I certainly don’t have anyone else to clean for me!


It took until after dinner, but eventually I did start to perk up a bit and then Magic happened!

It may not seem like much, but the kiddos and I all played a game where I had to catch them, and they had to rescue each other. Very basic. But so much fun (and a ton of exercise)!

I chased them around our kitchen island, and when I caught one,t he others all piled on top of me, tickling me, pulling on me, anything to make me lose my grip. There was a ton of shouting, giggling, and smiles. And at the end everyone was ready to move onto quieter activities, like reading some of our library books.


And within moments of starting to read Brom and Cordelia were ready for bed.

Once they were asleep, I went to pour a glass of wine, but then I hear a very quiet tiptoeing on the stairs. A pair of eyes peeked around the corner, “I’m not tired Mommy.”

I put the wine away, and open my arms, Agatha (followed by Ella) comes up and they ask if I’d be willing to play WOW with them. How could I resist?

As the snow piled up outside, and the house lights around us slowly went out, my big girls and I ran dungeons, battled pets, and handed in quests together.

“I’m ready for bed now Mommy.” First one, then the other gave me a hug and went to bed with a smile on her face.

We may not have ended our day with fireworks over head, but I think the smiles on my daughters’ faces show just how important the everyday unforgettable is to them.


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