Tears of Futility


In order to find peace, sometimes we need to brave the chaos. This week is all about the chaos. And tears.

All total today we had roughly 4 hours of crying.

I know, you wish you were in my shoes, don’t you? 😉


Not everyone knows there’s different types of crying, but there are. Sometimes crying is about being sad, or angry, even happy. Sometimes it’s a release during a temper tantrum. But sometimes tears are a release that allows the body to heal. Sometimes a person, no matter how small, just needs a good cry.

Today Ella had a good cry.

She needed it and deserved it. I was with her, guiding and comforting her the entire time.

It was exhausting, but these were the tears of futility. The tears that come at the end of a long fight, when resolution’s finally found. These were healing tears. Healing, but utterly exhausting just the same.

Shortly after she finished, Brom started.

I’d love a nice glass of wine. Instead, I’m drinking kombucha* from a wine glass.



*despite not being wine, it is really good.

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