Making Memories and Messes

Day one of unforgettable was exhausting! lol

Swimming, skating, climbing, playing, mess making, and so much laughter and love!

This was only our 3rd time on skates and everyone did amazing! Ella and Agatha both managed to skate without the balance pusher thingies (totally their real name, honest!).

Cordelia practiced falling an awful lot, but only took one real tumble. Boy did she cry! Though it turned out she thought we’d make her stop because she fell. She was crying because she wanted to keep skating! Lol Poor kiddo! She was happy as could be the moment we told her she could keep skating.

After swimming and skating, we stopped for 5 minutes the playground. An hour an a half later Brom had climbed everything, Cordelia made a new best friend, and everyone wanted to race the dinosaurs.

How could we say no to a dinosaur race?

But eventually we did go home, only to have the big kids turn around and head straight outside to the playground. lol

Unforgettable may not have happened today, but it was a great day and I think our family felt closer today than we have in a long time.

Unforgettable won’t happen in a day around here. There just isn’t anything that can be ‘unforgettable’. But a day at home doesn’t need to be unforgettable if a childhood is filled with love, connection, and is unforgettable as a whole.

I want my children to look back and remember the times they wanted to do something, and we said yes. I want my children to remember the messes with joy. I want my children to remember their parents trying new things and making mistakes and laughing. I want my children to play their music and sing their songs and I want my children to have joy.

Ultimately, that’s what this is all about. Joy. Love. Connection. When our children ask us to do something, we want to really look at why we want to say no. We want to really consider their point of view and try to say ‘Yes’ as much as possible. When we let go of our own insecurities and our own desire to sit, then we’re better able to help our children grow and feel valuable. We’ll see more smiles, and feel more hugs, and then when we will have Unforgettable!




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