Waking up with Magic


Every year since I was six or seven, I’ve been to Disney World. My children have all been every year of their lives. Except this one. Unless something miraculous happens, we won’t make it to Disney this year. There’re a ton of reasons, and money is one of those reasons. But the biggest reason is love, and magic.

It’s why we had children in the first place, and why we’ve traveled as much as we have. It’s why we do everything we do. But it turns out, what our children receive isn’t always what we give.

We intend to give a wonderful vacation filled with magic and unforgettable memories. And we do. But the problem is our children need that every single day. Not just 7 days a year while we’re at Disney world.

A much as it pains me to say this. We’re taking a sabbatical from Disney. We hope that if we spend our money on making day to day life easier, if we focus on making each day feel as though we’re already at Disney, then I think we’ll really be ready for our next unforgettable vacation.

But how do you make day-to-day life unforgettable without spending a fortune? How do you make unforgettable happen when two of your four children need to nap daily? How do you make unforgettable happen when everyone has different interests and energy levels?

Right now, I’m not sure. But we’re going to figure it out!

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