Another Day Closer


We’ve been so busy with our countdown we totally forgot to post!

First we watched Alice in Wonderland – so we had to have a tea party and play croquet. I love tea and love to make my own. This one was made with mint, dandelion blossoms, and rose petals from our garden. It was really nice. It didn’t even need honey (though I may have added some anyhow).


After watching Lilo & Stitch our parents downloaded an old computer game of theirs – Spore. We’ve been creating our own aliens and having fun developing them. We each have our own planets and alien races. You start as a cell, then get bigger and stronger, then smarter, and come out of the water. Evolution in a fun game. Not quite the way Jumba created Stitch, but it’s still been lots of fun!

smoke so thick we can barely see across the field
smoke so thick we can barely see across the field

We were going to go to the pool to pretend to surf, but there’re some really bad forest fires in our province. The smoke was blowing all the way to our place, and we all were having tough time breathing. So my mom wouldn’t let us go to the pool because she said it’d make it worse for us. Instead we used bilibos (kind of like giant bowls with wavy edges) to balance boards on and ‘surfed’ in our backyard.

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride
Hang 10
Surf's Up
Having Fun

Yesterday, my mom got us another movie to watch, not part of the countdown, but still to get us ready for the trip. Jurassic Park. No, not the new one. The first one. Have you seen it? I loved it! We watched it so we can get brave enough to ride Dinosaur again. I’ve ridden a few times, but the Carnotaurus scared my younger sisters a bit too much last trip. I think they’re ready to ride again!

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