I found out about this new toy, it’s called Playmation Marvel Avengers.  As soon as it comes out, I’m going to get it! Whether my parent’s like it or not 😉 You get gear to start to destroy villains from Marvels Avengers and Agents of Shield, you start with Captain America and fight Red skull! It sounds super, super cool. I wish it was cheaper. The starter pack costs $120 USD. It’ll take me a while to save up for it. But I will do it because this looks so cool!

I’m really excited about this because it says you can feel if you get hit. And you can interact with the toys from a distance. It’s like being IN a video game!

I really hope it’s strong enough to hold up to the type of play it says we can do, us Thugs and Ruffians like to play hard and need our toys to keep up.

Scheduled for release October 4th, 2015. The pre-order also comes with an extra smart figure.

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