Our Cake Plans


It’s been a busy day preparing for our trip.

We’re planning to have a cake to celebrate our twin friends’ birthday. We decided we’d have our celebration dinner at The Wave…of American Flavors at the contemporary resort. The boys love Big Hero 6, so we’ve requested two cakes one Hiro and one Baymax cake. We’re waiting for the chef to get back to us to tell us if it’s allowed or not.

Sometimes you can’t always get the character you want. But I really hope we can get the characters we want for our twin friends.

To order a cake the chef needs to know when and where you want the cake. Disney World has several pastry teams that service different locations, not all the locations can customize cakes. The chef also needs to know what you want the cake to look like, or what theme you’d like, and about how much money you want to spend. Cakes need to be ordered at least a full two days in advance, but longer if you want something special.

Once we ordered a Lilo and Stitch cake for my birthday. We also ordered a Tarzan cake for my mother’s birthday, for my sister we ordered a Doc Mcstuffins cake, and last year we ordered a headless Horseman cake for my mom. If you hover over our gluten-free tab, you can click through to see past cakes.

Each cake was really good. But the headless horseman one looked really cool, but it didn’t taste as good because it was hard and dry.

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