Just Another Day in Our Countdown

Head Ruffian here. 59 Days  to go! Yesterday we watched a movie, Tangled! Today we painted one or two pictures for our gallery. It was so much fun!

Tangled is about a girl with very long, golden, magical hair. She goes with a thief to see the lanterns. She ends up seeing them. Her hair, when it’s cut, it looses it’s magic. Flynn, the thief, cut it to prevent Mother Gothel  from using Rapunzel’s hair anymore. That’s basically it!

It’s a good movie.

Today we used my mom’s special paint and canvas to paint our pictures. I was very precise with my painting. I painted Rapunzel, the girl with magical hair. And then a whole bunch of different things on paper.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s activity. We’re making wanted posters!

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