60 Days


Head Ruffian here and I’m so excited! 60 Days!! Only 60 days until our trip. When we booked, it was a full year until our trip. Now it’s almost here!

Our countdown starts tomorrow! We’re going to watch movies, play games, and create crafts! One of the crafts we’ll make are Hidden Mickey necklaces. We’ll use washers and paint them to represent different characters.

Each day has a different activity. A movie on the first day, then 2 days of activities, then another movie. Our first movie is Tangled and the activities are painting pictures for our gallery and creating wanted posters for us thugs and ruffians.

60 days also marks when we make our fastpass+ reservations. The ride I’m most excited to go on is Kali River Rapids and this year I’m finally tall enough for Rock N’ Roller Coaster for the first time, but I keep changing my mind about riding. Some days I want to, but other days I’m nervous.

But I’m not nervous about Splash Mountain. I am riding that mountain for sure this year!

There are so many things at Disney I want to try! The number one thing at the resort is swimming! That’s my favourite activity because I can pretend to be an alligator about to eat someone or a mermaid. Or because we’re staying at Beach Club, we can be pirates on the pirate ship.

Yo Ho (almost) time to go!

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