it’s almost time

You’re getting ready for a trip to Disney, aren’t you? Let me tell you about what we’re doing to get ready!

We’re doing a countdown. Our countdown is 60 days. It seems like forever. The first day we watch a movie, then the next 2 days we do activities related to the movie. We’ll watch 20 different shows/movies before our trip. When our countdown’s done, we’ll be all ready to hang out with some of the coolest characters in the kingdom! Yay!!

Our Frozen Family!
Our Frozen Family!

We’re making our blog about Disney to help other people get excited about their trips too.

There’s so much to do to get ready. We have to pack our suitcases. Oh but wait! Before that we have so much to plan!

The first step to planning your Disney vacation is deciding when to go, and for how long. Then where to stay and how to play. This trip is really special because I’m 8!! That means I’m finally old enough to go on the Wild Africa Trek. This is so exciting for me, it looks super cool! I’ll get to walk on a broken bridge and get closer to the animals, but not too close! I don’t want to find out if the crocodiles are hungry! Yikes!

I like all the parks, each one has something special that I love. In Magic Kingdom, I’m most looking forward to riding the Dwarfs Mine Train ride again. I really like how the cars rock as it zooms around the track. Besides the Wild Africa Trek, I’m also really looking forward to getting all the Wilderness Explorer badges from Animal Kingdom this trip. I’ll tell you all about those later! At EPCOT I’m really looking forward to riding Mission Space again. Last trip my mama only let me ride the green side, but this time I’m riding Orange!! Bring on the spin!! Last trip Toy Story Midway Mania was down for our Hollywood Studios day. This trip I can’t miss it! We’re getting park hoppers, I’m sure to ride at least once (maybe twice).

Cooking Up Some Fun!
Cooking Up Some Fun!

Over the moon and Out!

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